Where to find Art for Your 2D Video Game

2D Video Game Art Styles

Video games are such a big part of the everyday lives of millions of people around the world. Not only do we play them for the thrill of the story or the mental challenge of overcoming puzzles or obstacles, but many of us enjoy them for their artistic value. A lot of video games play out in a 3D style and give us worlds to explore and enjoy much like our own reality. However, there is so much to be said for the classic 2D gaming style!

2D games art remains a timeless classic. Some of my favorite visual games are the side-scrolling, two-dimensional games with art that ranges from intricate color, texture and detail to the classic pixel look that brings back childhood memories of gaming. Here are a few different types of 2D art styles you can find in these games.

Pixel Art

Remember the classic console games from the 80’s and 90’s? That’s the kind of game that uses pixel art. It’s nostalgic and fun and usually pretty colorful!


In the way that pixel art doesn’t really push realism in its style, the flat art style strays from it even further. The pictures are images with very little shading and can even look like they have been cut from paper.


This is yet another style that doesn’t attempt to portray realistic images, but it is very similar to pixel art in that it has a very retro feel. In a geometric-style game, you will find a lot of bright neon lines, squares, and angles contrasted against black backgrounds.

Cel Shading

Cel shading brings us into the three-dimensional look for games. Yes, they are still played as a 2D experience, but there’s a little more realism to the art. Shading and shadows give the game some realistic depth, but there are no gradients in the colors.


This is a style that pushes further than cel shading with realist art in video gaming. Textures, colors, shading, all these provide a gorgeous gaming experience for the 2D gamer! Realism is a more modern style of 2D games art. It provides the most 3D look for a game that can still be played in two dimensions.

No matter which style of art is used in a game, each one can be captivating and provide a great gaming experience!