How to Come Up With a Design for Your 2D Video Game Character

How to Come Up With a Design for Your 2D Video Game Character

Creating a 2D character is not easy. You have to put so much thought into what you want to create. What is your character’s personality? Are they moody, gloomy, happy, or hyper? What are their likes and dislikes?

Long hair or short hair? Special powers or no powers at all? There are so many creative options for your character. So let out your full creative spirit and let’s determine how to make a 2D character.

Keep The Creativity

The designer often begins their creation through a sketch. Most designers believe this is where the true magic is captured. Your first idea can sometimes be your best. Go with the flow and see where it takes you.

Don’t Use Reference Materials

We all need inspiration, but it should not come from someone else’s work. You need to come up with something all on your own. Try to go for a walk to get some inspiration.

Example of Golem character design

Don’t Debunk Your Original Idea

If you decide to go a different route with your character, make sure to keep your original piece, just in case you decide to go back to it or want to use it elsewhere. Sometimes your work can shift somewhere else and look back at your original work can put you back on the right track.

What Kind Of Character Are You Making?

Choose their personality and work it into their facial and bodily features. Over exaggerate your character if you want. This can make them more interesting. Choose their;

  • Gender
  • Hair color
  • Hair type and design
  • Body type
  • Nose shape
  • Clothing
  • Eye color
  • Eye design
  • Hobbies
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Personality traits

Try to make your character as unique as possible.

Make Your Character Stand Out

Add some flavor. Extra color and more distinctive detail can make your character stand out from the others. There are many different types of characters that sort of resemble each other. So you may want to make your stick out and appealing to the eye, but not overbearing.

Find The Right Position

The right posture and position can show off the personality of the character. Putting your character in a pose with dominance can show others that your character is a leader or the posture of your character is slouched over, showing that your character is sluggish and tired.

Example of knight character design

Simply Made

Exaggeration may get the viewer’s attention, but that does not work for every character. Keep it simple for simple personalities and detailing. Some individuals look better with a minimalistic design.

All About The Angles

Make sure to get every angle of your character, every mood, and every hobby or sport that you want your character to do. This can make your character more fun. You can also do more things with your character this way.

Too Much Color, Too Little Color

Choose the colors on your character and make them accentuate each other nicely. Do not overdo the color. That can make your character unappealing.
It can also be bothersome to the eye. Choose balance and complementary colors. Also, pick the correct shading in the right places. Eye shines are also a great addition.

Props And Accessories

Having props and accessories such as surf boars, pets, toys, scarves, and phones can show off your character’s personality. It’s amazing what a simple necklace can do to a character’s look. If they are part of royalty then they should be wearing a crown to tell everyone who they are.

Example of Zombie character design


Choose the backstory for your character. Is the backstory bad, sad, happy, or unusual? This will also be seen as a part of your character’s personality. Did they lose a family member or a pet? Are they a dancer or singer?

Your character should be creative and completely from your inspired mind. Creating the looks to fit the personality as well as the back story can bring your character to life. Also, making your details very distinctive will make them more interesting.