The Best 3 Online Courses to Learn 2D Video Game Development

Most 2D video games are adventure games or platforms. After you have figured out what type of game you want to make you need to find out where you are going to learn.

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The first source I would recommend is They Specifically have a course called Cool 2D Action Game in Unity that I think is one of the best for beginners to learn what skills they need to make a game. You are going to learn how to make the world or your game and even how to make the characters that go into your world. You will learn how to sketch and paint objects in your 2D creation. Overall this course is awesome for people that are just starting out with 2D game design.

Learn the Game Making Process with Lynda

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Another great resource is the 2D Game Design and Development Essential Training course that is found on This course is great for learning the game making process, and how to get inspiration for the mechanics and characters in your games. This course will get you in the game making mindset more than most other courses on the market. You will learn what games to play to get inspired and how to decide what features work well with different types of games. Overall, it is going to make your game making process more streamlined and easier to follow.

Learn to Code Unity From the Source

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Finally, we come to the 2D Mobile Game Development course that was created by Unity with help from Unity3d. This partnership has created one of the most comprehensive mobile game development courses I have seen and It goes over all of the basic functions you will have to learn to make your first mobile game. It is an awesome course to get your foot in the mobile development door, and it opens you up to being able to learn and understand so much more information in the future. They will even show you how to publish the game to the Google Play Store and how to monetize your game through Unity Ads.

All of these courses on making sure you know how to make the world in which your characters will live, and how to make compelling characters. People want to play games that real thought and passion went into. If people can tell that you tried your hardest and you have done some clever writing, there are no limits to the people that will enjoy your game.

Courses like these prove that you don’t have to go to school to get the information and skills you want to make your 2D masterpiece. If you are a self-starter and can motivate yourself to get it done, these resources are all you need to make your vision a reality.

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