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What 2D Video Games to Play this Fall

It appears as if it may be that season of the year again. When the leaves begin to fall off the trees and the smell of pumpkins and cinnamon fill the air. Video game lovers don’t tend to complain about being stuck inside all day. They get to enjoy their time by playing games. Don’t get bored this fall. This fall you can sit down with a cozy blanket with these 5 games.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley 2D Video Game
Source: YouTube

The game starts off with you at an office in the city. Your grandfather passes away. He left a letter explaining that his farm in Stardew Valley will now be in your hands. You start off with a few tools and coins to start your new life as a farmer. You then will be able to customize your farm and home the way you want. You can raise animals, tend to crops, go fishing, and cook food. You will become part of the community that is home to over 30 residents to be friends with. Find that special someone. Meet a cute girl or guy, have dates, and start a family of your own. Explore caves and battle monsters while collecting treasures.

Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers 2D Video Game
Source: YouTube

This game is a fictional medieval-themed world. It starts off with 4 knights attending a party in the King’s castle. A dark wizard appears at the party to steal a mystical gemstone and capturing 4 beautiful princesses. The king sends the knights to get the gem from the dark wizard. You are one of those knights. You will then have to battle enemies. After you select one of the colorful and playful characters, the player will choose a stage to play through.

Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight 2D Video Game
Source: YouTube

In Hollow Knight you play as a insect like nameless knight. Your quest is to understand the mysteries of the kingdom called Hallownest. You’ll encounter many enemies. Most of them are bugs. You can either use melee attacks or learn spells. It a beautiful and mysterious experience.


Terraria 2D Video Game
Source: YouTube

The first thing you may notice about this game is that it is very similar to Minecraft. Terraria is a world where you need to fight for your survival and money. Dig in the dirt and build what you want. Find stronger foes to battle and test your strength.


Limbo 2D Video Game
Source: YouTube

Limbo is a grainy, black and white puzzle game about a boy who wakes up in the middle of the forest on the “edge of hell” where he meets a gigantic spider who tries to kill him. You will use a trap to cut off the sharp areas on the spider’s legs. The spider then retreats further into the forest and the boy is then allowed to pass through. He then gets caught up in more puzzles which you will have to complete. It is a fun logical game.

Enjoy these four unique and playful games. They will keep you entertained for hours. No joke!