Where to find Art for Your 2D Video Game

Where to Find Art For Your 2D Video Game

Ok, so now you’re all set to design your own game and get it out there on the market! So where can you find artwork for your awesome game? Yes, you can sit down and designing it all on your own, but that’s not your only option! The internet is full of 2D video game art resources!

By doing a little bit of searching online, you will be able to find several sources of art for your game. There are some sites that offer bundles of characters, assets, and backgrounds available for purchase. If free downloads are what you are looking for, you should be able to find those as well!

Open Game Art

Open Game Art is a popular site that offers free downloadable 2D and 3D art and graphics. It’s categorized and even has a forum for its users. You can find it all on their website.


Source: Itch.io

Indie game developers will really like this site! Not only does it provide free, downloadable graphics, but it’s also a platform that allows you to publish your game!


Source: Spriteland

This is the place for the mobile 2D game developer! They have great free graphics available as well as tutorials and games to try out.

Game Art Guppy

The creator of this site wanted to help indie game developers that were on a budget find what they needed to really get their game going! You can find a lot of free artwork or even some that’s available to buy at a low cost.

GameDev Market

This is a really cool site to browse! You can find most of the artwork you need including characters and scrolling repeatable backgrounds. Some of their content is free and some has an affordable price tag, but the site gives you that search filter option.

So here you have some great resources to help get you started on your game-development journey! You should be able to find some really helpful 2D video game art resources with this information!